Create a team spirit at all skills' levels.


Empowerment, equality, tolerance and respect.

Created by

INEX - Association for Voluntary Activities/Fotbal Pro Rozvoj

Length of the session


Number of participants

5 -10

Age of participants

8 - 12


Balls Cones Goal Post Net

Required knowledge, skills and preparation of the trainer

The trainer should be able to facilitate the drill so that the topic addressed can be clear to the participants. He should reinforce the team spirit and tolerance when maybe in some cases there are complaints.

Involvement of the participants in the preparation and delivery of the session

The players will be standing in a line and wait for their turn to come.

Session plan

Session plan

Warm-up (10')


Regular warm up and streching



First half (5')


Set up the activity. The players will be standing in a line and the player in front has the ball. The goalkeeper will be waiting to make a save.



Second half (10')


The first player at the line will go with the ball until the cone and then he will shoot to the goal.
If he scores, he comes back and claps the hand of his colleagues.
If he misses it, the whole group needs to go and run one lap all together.


Cool-down (5')


Water break


Third half (10')


The purpose of the session is to show that through tolerance, and understanding that everyone has different skills, good atmosphere can be created within the  team.
Ask participants to reflect on the session, especially focusing on how they felt if they or a teammate missed or scored, and how they can create a better atmosphere.









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