We unleash the power of football on a global scale. Here’s how:

Every day, millions of young people play street football on dangerous pitches – kicking the ball through trash heaps, motorways and violent neighbourhoods. In collaboration with our partners, we develop footballing infrastructure to ensure that more young people have safe places to play. View Case Studies.



Mobile Stadiums


In the spirit of street football, which celebrates any piece of land as a potential playing field, we create mobile stadiums that can be used just about anywhere. These ‘pop up’ arenas allow community organisations to assemble playing spaces for special events and programmes, bringing the power of play to youth in underserved areas. They also bring together community members and offer partners an attractive format for brand exposure. 



Football Pitches & Centres


Another way we support community organisations is through the development of football pitches and centres that accommodate Football for Good programmes. These projects place a strong emphasis on local ownership, striving to include community members throughout the planning, construction and maintenance phases. They also present a powerful brand-building opportunity for partners looking to connect with fans in hard-to-reach communities.

Case Studies

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