Life expectancy is 10.6 years lower for men and 6.6 years lower for women in the most deprived areas of Sussex due to unhealthy lifestyles
Obesity rates in England have tripled in the past three decades, and England now has the highest levels of obesity in Europe and the 9th highest in the world.
Unhealthy individuals are interested in watching football


1. The session will lead to improved health and wellbeing for the participants.
2. Focus on fitness, diet and wellbeing, raising awareness of a healthier lifestyle.
3. Advance people's physical and mental health, wellbeing and safety
4. Motivate all players to realise their aspirations

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Albion in the Community

Length of the session


Number of participants


Age of participants



Balls, Bibs, Cones, Goals

Required knowledge, skills and preparation of the trainer

Experience of football inclusion and fitness is essential. Knowledge of nutrition and cooking is desirable (e.g. UK Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering)

Session plan

Session plan

Warm-up (10')

Set Up
• Grid is 20yds x 20yds. Grid can be determined by the fitness of the players.
• Divide team into two groups, eg blues and greens.
• Players start on cone A and run down to cone B doing warm up exercises e.g. high knees.
• When they pass cone B they run diagonally to the opposite corner and cross the other group, they now start from cone A again.

When participants cross in the middle, they can perform a different fun task. Choose one of the following:
1. Shake hands and introduce yourself.
2. Tell him what your mother calls you.
3. Tell him which celebrity they fancy
4. Tell him which football team they support.
5. Who’s your favourite Brighton player?
6. Who will win the Premiership/ World cup?
7. Favourite band etc.
8. High fives/ low fives.
9. Players bump into each other in the middle and sprint to A.
10. Turns before they meet.
11. Perform a forward roll.
12. Add a ball each.

Mediators Tips:

Allow players to take the warm up at their own pace. Be aware of potential health risks, (eg cardio, diabetes)
This drill is very good for observation and co-ordination.
You can start this drill at walking speed to get your players going so it’s a gentle warm-up


First half (15')


Divide your players into two teams and make each team form a circle. The coach shouts a command and the players must move as advised. Keep shouting the commands regularly so they have to keep readjusting their shape.

1. Exchange. Run with your ball across the circle and leave it for any player. That player runs with the ball and repeats the exercise.
2. Shout “change places”. Players not with the ball or not having anyone running towards them must change places with a player next to him
3. Short play. The player in the circle now passes from five yards out to feet and closes the player on the outside down. The player on the outside does the following moves:
• Pass through his legs. Open your legs.
• Push one side and go round the other side.
• Do a step over. Play a one-two.
• Players not on the ball should still change places with players next to them.
4. Shout exchange places opposite. When the coach shouts "change opposite" players not on the ball must change places with players on the opposite side of the circle. If you have a ball then relax in the circle and shield your ball until they have found their shape.
5. Change your ball. Change your ball with any player in the middle before you pass it out. Either foot on’s or take over’s, communicate to each other. Exercises same as 3 or add your own.
6. Change shape. The coach shouts "change shape", players not working with the ball change places at three-quarter pace with players in the other circle. Can you get your shape early? Players with a ball must shield it until the circle shape returns.


• Moving. Both circles must move around the pitch keeping their shape. Think how to move, keep away from the other circle and make sure they move around the whole pitch. Still shout "change" and "change shape".
• Combination play. The player in the middle plays the ball out to any player on the edge of the circle, who then passes to any player next to him, who returns it to the middle man. The middle man then leaves the ball for the first receiving player. Player 1 passes to player 2, Player 2 passes to player 3, Player 3 passes back to player 1 who leaves it or stops it for player 2 and Player 2 now moves into the circle. Keep them moving around the pitch and keep changing positions.
• Race. Start both circles off at the same time and have them racing each other over 40 yards.

After, discuss with the group how important their body image/shape is to them. Do they feel that they can change their shape? In football, sometimes this is a quick process. When it comes to losing weight, this is often a slow process that requires determination, courage and patience.

What feelings might prevent you from changing? E.g. Loneliness, boredom, anger, frustration, insignificance, sadness, upset, hurt etc.

Explain that some Albion Goals football3 sessions can be about losing weight, with a smile, together. You can do it!


Second half (20')


Play a 7v7 football match, but reward goals/points to teams who show willingness to move (e.g. into space, close down when out of possession, applauding players for their mobility).

Explain that after the game we will also be looking to reward people for good examples of “graft”. Points for effort and fair play will be rewarded by players on the opposing team.

At the end of the session, you can also finish the football session together with a post-match Cook & Eat. There, participants can learn to cook basic, healthy, cheap and tasty meals from scratch for themselves and their friends. The group then sit down together and sample each of what everyone has made, discussing budgeting and what makes a balanced meal. They are given the recipes and are encouraged to try them at home.

If your social media policy allows, set up a Facebook group and encourage participants to post fun examples of themselves exercising during the week.

Cool-down (5')


Give participants time to stretch their legs and drink some water.

Third half (10')


Hold a brief post-match discussion and ask the players to recall examples of players trying their best, and fair play. How did it make those players feel to be told that they were working hard?


Evaluation process for the session:


Ask players what they learnt about fitness.
Ask them to suggest 3 things they liked about the session, and 3 things they would change about the session.
Record answers.
NB No participants should be made an example of if they do not lose weight at the same rate as others
Encourage participants to undertake a Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition & Health with your support

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