16 January 2020



The Scoring for the Future – Developing Life Skills for Employability Through Football Toolkit can be downloaded here


About Scoring for the future 


With 4.5 million young people across Europe struggling to find education, training or employment, streetfootballworld continues to focus efforts on finding ways to support those affected. Funded through the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Sport programme, the project ‘Scoring for the Future’ was launched in January 2018 to promote education in and through sport with a special focus on skills development and employability.


‘Scoring for the Future’ harnesses the power of sport so that NEET (not in education, employment or training) young people will be equipped with transferable skills to increase their educational and professional prospects. Through participation in sport, skills such as cooperation, leadership, fair play, competition handling and stress management can be acquired to later be applied in a work setting.


To implement the programme, streetfootballworld teamed up with nine football for good organisations from eight European countries. During the course of the 24-month project term, the organisations from across Europe reached young sportspeople (from disadvantaged backgrounds, refugees, host communities, migrants), who will, in turn, use the experiences they have gained through the programme to become multipliers of sport-based youth employability methodologies in their communities and sports clubs. 


The Toolkit


The ‘Scoring for the Future’ toolkit consists of a myriad of carefully designed football-based exercises, which were developed to train seventeen specific life skills selected by the participating organisations. The toolkit is the result of a collaborative effort between nine organisations from eight European countries. Over the course of the 24-month project term, the project partners met five times in Berlin, Bucharest, Brighton, Cologne, and Lyon, where the local participating organisations hosted workshops and site visits. 


The project’s working group of coaches and practitioners reviewed a series of football-based methodologies and programmes to understand what types of tools were available in the field of football-based life skills development programmes for employability. The five visits were designed to foster environments for the exchange of knowledge, increase capacity and for the co-creation of a final Scoring for the Future toolkit.


The Scoring for the Future Toolkit consists of “three halves”. The three-halves structure is drawn from the football3 methodology used by some 90 organisations in the streetfootballworld network. The central idea of football3 is to use the beautiful game to educate and empower young people. It incorporates key life lessons and a strong focus on fair play into every match that is set out in "three halves".


In relation to this toolkit, the first half lays out the theoretical framework, including sections on the qualities of an effective Life Skills Football Coach and the application of seventeen key life skills in football, educational and workplace environments. The second half of the toolkit contains ready-to-use exercises and methods. The third half of the toolkit presents the monitoring, evaluation and learning framework (MEL). With this tool, life skills sessions can be reviewed and coaches can monitor the progress of players on their life skills development journey. 



Scoring for the Future is a project financed with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union


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