'More Space for Sport: 1,000 Chances for Africa' is a collaborative initiative built on the idea that football pitches provide a place for young people to come together, be active and learn. With support from streetfootballworld, the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) launched the project to create dozens of new pitches across Africa and, in turn, thousands of opportunities to engage disadvantaged youth and increase their impact.


1,000 Chances for Africa began with a pilot stage in 2015, where pitches were built in various Kenyan communities from the streetfootballworld network. Local organisations were involved during the planning and construction phases and locally sourced materials were used throughout the entirety of the project. The pitches now serve as a platform for organisations to run football-based development programmes that empower young people in their communities, teaching important life lessons in the fields of gender equality, social inclusion and health.

Other Case Studies

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