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In the Jalandhar district of Punjab, India, 70% of the population works in agriculture and earn roughly 20,00 Rupees ($400) a year. Within this population about 60% of the village is Dalit, a group segregated into the lowest class of society. This community have on average very low literacy skills and lower incomes than the rest of the region, earning approximately 12,000 Rupees ($250) a year. The work is labour intensive and many young people start at an early age, creating high dropout rates in schools.


Founded in 2001, Youth Football Club Rurka Kalan (YFC), started as a local football club and has since progressed into a community grassroots organisation.


YFC’s goal is to empower underprivileged children and adolescents, guiding them to create positive lifestyles. The sports-based programmes teach young people a wide range of skills useful in becoming independent leaders and adults.

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Youth Football Club Rurka Kalan
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