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Founded in 2009, Watoto Wasoka (which translates as “Football Kids” from Swahili) is a community-led NGO based in Bakuli, the largest slum in Kampala, Uganda. The organisation’s programmes are focused on children living in slums and on the streets. Watoto Wasoka’s vision is to change the lives of children in the slums of Uganda by using football to provide access to schools, as well as to water, sanitation and hygiene services (WASH).


The organisation aims to support and educate children living in poverty or on the streets through their love for football, and to provide them with an alternative to street life by offering shelter, education, and school support.


Watoto Wakoka also offers career training, sex education, family mediation, and safe spaces for character building, and has set up Sparta 09 Kampala as a fully-fledged football club (with junior, senior and women’s teams).

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Watoto Wasoka
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We use the vibrant passion for football as a vehicle for positive social change in the lives of slum and street children. Our mission is to create purposeful opportunities for play in a safe environment. 

Executive Director, Watoto Wasoka
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