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Construced the Star Centre with over 20 classrooms

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Over one million children live on the streets in Cameroon. This is mostly due to the economic downturn taking place in the region in the late 80s and early 90s. When families struggle, the children in Cameroon suffer first, especially children in underserved and marginalised communities.


United Action for Children (UAC) works to enable children living on the streets, and those prone to dropping out of school, to return to and remain in education.


Through the organisation, children have access to a safe and stable environment where they can go to football training and receive education about conflict resolution, HIV/AIDS, and take part in basic educational programmes and job trainings in fields like computing, woodwork, and more.


The organisation aims to involve parents and the surrounding community to ensure local participation and increase the impact of UAC programmes beyond the organisation’s centres and schools..

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United Action for Children
Orock Thomas Eyong

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