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Largest Social Change through Football NGO in Indonesia

Uni Papua Football Community

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The Uni Papua Football Community tackles social challenges throughout the region, ranging from HIV/AIDS, to alcohol and drug abuse, and poor educational opportunities.


The organisation uses football as a tool to bring young people together in order to educate them on the region’s issues and empower them to make good decisions for their lives.


The organisation runs regular football training, life skill classes, and organises special events on topics such as healthy eating, HIV/AIDS awareness, and environmental issues. In addition, Uni Papua provides monthly English classes and computer literacy training.


The classes and activities aim to empower young people in the community and give them the foundation for becoming future leaders.

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Uni Papua Football Community
Harry Widjaja

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"The best thing about Uni Papua is not scoring goals and doing tricks. It's the awareness that we have much bigger influence on our lives than we ever realized before."

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