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Young people in South Africa face many challenges. Racial injustice, poor quality education, unemployment, and HIV/AIDS are only a few of the hurdles they must overcome to build a future for themselves. training4changeS seeks to make football a tool to encourage young people to empower themselves, offer them the skills they need to succeed, and create social change from the bottom up.


Committed to changing attitudes towards gender roles and social exclusion, training4changeS mixes learning life lessons with football coaching to bridge racial and socio-economic gaps. The organisation’s skills training initiatives offer coaching education and job skill trainings for vulnerable young people, delivering certifications and employment opportunities.


In addition, the Futsal Academy offers on-going support as well as education inside and outside the classroom, while the #againstALLodds girls’ futsal campaign seeks to increase opportunities for female participation and promote gender equality. 

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Daniel Thomae

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“For me to be where I am now, I would say it’s because of training4changeS. They always put my growth first. If I didn’t get the knowledge & support I got from them, I wouldn’t have my current job.”

Mxolisi Makomazi
Former training4changeS Coach & Skills4Life participant
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