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Every year, more than 2 million children and young people in America will face a period of homelessness.


Street Soccer USA (SSUSA) uses sports as a development tool to connect homeless young people and adults to jobs and education opportunities that help them lead a better life.


SSUSA exists to provide an alternative to the pay-to-play model of youth sports with a focus on social impact across the United States. Its activities are implemented in close partnership with local service providers in each respective city.


Under the theme ‘soccer for social change – ending homelessness through sports’, SSUSA uses a 16-week curriculum and brought eight core life skills to over 6,800 beneficiaries in 16 cities in 2017 alone. By creating a fun, positive and inclusive team structure around regular city leagues, SSUSA provides participants with a family-like support system of trust and reliability that helps them to regain control over their lives.

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