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100% of regular attending seniors graduating from high school

Starfinder Foundation

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Starfinder's football, educational and personal development programmes inspire young people from underserved communities to achieve success both on and off the field. The organisation works to the maxim 'Soccer for Social Change and Leadership Beyond the Game', and to this end promotes youth leadership, a love of learning, the benefits of teamwork and the rewards of commitment and responsibility.


Young people in underserved communities are full of aspiration, but often lack the support of adults and institutions to help them map out and take the steps necessary to achieve their dreams. Starfinder provides a structured pathway for success and encourages its participants to aspire to lives of distinction. Its programmes put equal emphasis on nurturing the physical development, educational enrichment, and personal growth of each child.

Social Topics

Peace Building
Social Integration
Youth leadership


Starfinder Foundation
Heidi Warren

Latest From Starfinder Foundation

"I developed confidence, and I was forced to speak in front of people, and it helped me get out of my shell. Now I know when to lead and when to follow, and I’ve benefited from the discipline soccer requires... I am who I am because of this place"

Nury Ortiz
Starfinder Graduate
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