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Birmingham Sports Awards, Community Award 2014/2015

Sport4Life UK

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Founded in 2006, Sport 4 Life UK is a non-profit organisation that provides a helping hand to disadvantaged children and young people through sports-themed educational programmes.


Sport 4 Life runs a sports-themed personal development programme for socially excluded 12-16-year-olds that tackles the issue of youth unemployment, by developing vital life skills like confidence, leadership and communication.


The organisation also has a sports-themed employability and personal development programme for 16-29-year-olds who are not in education, employment or training. This initiative focuses on developing young people’s employability and key life skills, providing them with continued support on their way to entering the workforce.

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Sport4Life UK
Tom Clarke-Forrest

Latest From Sport4Life UK

"I couldn't talk or socialise with people. I was so quiet and shy which made it so difficult to find a job which was really frustrating. Sport 4 Life helped me improve my confidence, gain qualifications, and thanks to the staff, I was able to get a job"

Albie Ryans
NEET Programme beneficiary
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