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In today’s job market, young people are often faced with high unemployment rates and a lack of support to effectively apply for available jobs. Some obstacles faced are a lack of parental involvement and quality education as well as poor transportation links.


Soccer in the Streets tackles these problems through football, character development, mentoring, and employability sessions in its “Positive Choice Soccer”, “Life Works” and “StationSoccer” programmes.


“Positive Choice Soccer” is geared towards elementary school children building character traits for future employment while fostering interaction between children from different backgrounds. “Life Works” is aimed at teenagers enabling them to pursue economic independence through hands-on learning activities and employment experience. The “StationSoccer” initiative builds football pitches and community classrooms in and around metro transit hubs.


Soccer in the Streets integrates the communities it serves through connecting corporations, education systems, government, non-profits, and community leaders.


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