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There are about 170 million people who live on the streets of India with no place to call home. This accounts for 17% of the world’s entire slum population. What’s more, around 260 million people in India earn less than $1 a day, a majority of them are women and children.


Slum Soccer, an NGO from the state of Maharashtra, aims to combat homelessness and improve the lives of millions of people. Football is used as the common thread that connects individuals to promote learning and empowerment within communities. The power of football teaches useful life skills such as teamwork, self-discipline, acceptance, and other ways to enhance social development.


Slum Soccer’s multiple programmes serve to enrich young people in underprivileged areas. Slum Soccer’s programmes include: training coaches and young leaders in their communities to push for equal opportunities. Slum Soccer also provides health camps lead by general physicians for participants to learn about hygiene and nutrition.

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Slum Soccer
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"Since 2001 Slum Soccer has managed to give an opportunity to many children to engage in meaningful play and also to develop their potential on and off the field"

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