Sierra Leone

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Host of the first ever amputee football tournament in Sierra Leone

Single Leg Amputee Sport Association

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A country torn apart by civil war, Sierra Leone has a large population of citizens whose lives have been affected, both emotionally and physically by the years of fighting.


Single Leg Amputee Association (SLASA) was created to address the gaps in social infrastructure for amputees by providing trauma recovery, addressing misconceptions of disabilities, promoting peace, and helping amputees reintegrate into society.


The organisation provides football training, creates pitch facilities that can be used by the entire community, and teaches young people skills to effectively join the workforce.


What originally started as an idea to create a single team in order to take part in competitions in the local area, has now expanded into 350 players and six official seven-a-side teams.

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Single Leg Amputee Sport Association
Jabati Mambu

Latest From Single Leg Amputee Sport Association

“Football has the potential of being a viable podium for building up capacities of the youth into core human resources for the development of various communities. It help players develop and learn new skills in sports development, promote healthy sports competitions both at national and International levels”

Mr. Jabati Mambu
President of SLASA
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