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Rumah Cemara

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Throughout Indonesia, people who suffer from substance abuse or HIV/AIDS are faced with stigmatisation and discrimination. Additionally, access to adequate care is not widely available.


Rumah Cemara, founded to provide a safe and positive environment for people to recover and reintegrate into society, is a centre for drug rehabilitation and a support unit for people affected by HIV/AIDS.


The organisation uses football to empower participants in order to reintegrate them into the community, to raise awareness about substance abuse, and advocate for the rights of the people living with HIV/AIDS.


Rumah Cemara’s campaigns and events have even gone on to influence national policies, where persecuted people suffering from addiction are now provided with support and medical assistance.

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Rumah Cemara
Aditia Taslim
adit@rumahcemara.org, ditia.taslim@rumahcemara.or.id

Latest From Rumah Cemara

"Rumah Cemara approached young people on the street of Ciroyom to take a break from their routine (singing at intersections & sniffing glue) to play football at the nearby abandoned mall building. These young people have experienced change in their lives through the programme provided by our coaches."

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