Cameroon, Zambia, Spain

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Running development through sport programs in more than 20 countries

Red Deporte y Cooperación

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Based in Spain and the United States, Red Deporte y Cooperación uses the power of sport to empower young people in disadvantaged communities throughout Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Red Deportes' programmes are focused on leadership, life skills, gender equality, HIV prevention, hygiene and basic health education, alcohol and drug prevention. The organisation also strives to promote intercultural integration through sport in migrant communities throughout Spain.

With ten years of experience in the field of Development through Sport, Red Deporte y Cooperación can bring valuable expertise and networking capabilities to the streetfootballworld network, and will also promote the network's vision in Spain.


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Red Deporte y Cooperación
Cárlos de Carcer

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“Sport is more than just a physical activity. It’s about enjoying, laughing, sharing with others and forgetting differences. It’s about knocking down walls to make a better world”

Carlos de Cárcer
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