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“Proyecto Cantera Juntos por México A.C.” was founded in 2008 and is working in the metropolitan area of Mexico City. From the beginning, its work has been focused on using football in order to support children and young people living in disadvantaged communities. 


Proyecto Cantera cooperates with institutions such as community centres and other civil-society organisations that work with disadvantaged children and young people.


Currently Proyecto Cantera cooperates with 12 such institutions with the mission to promote life skills and healthy habits in underpriviledged communities in Mexico.


All of Proyecto Cantera’s football sessions are focused on the values of respect, honesty and team-work. The short- and medium-term goal is to support participants in recognising and developing social skills and in making use of them on the pitch and in their daily life. The long-term goal is to form citizens that contribute to an equal and inclusive society.

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Proyecto Cantera
Paula Sandoval

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“Christopher struggled to concentrate and control his impulses when he first started at Proyecto Cantera. In his time here, he has developed fundamental communication and teamwork skills. He continues to improve every day with us."



Julieta Córdova
Educator at AFEECI (affiliate of Proyecto Cantera)
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