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Providing activity based education since 1999 for health, social and soccer development

PLAY SOCCER Nonprofit International (PSNI)

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All around the world children from lower economic backgrounds face a number of barriers accessing quality education and learning to lead a healthy lifestyle. From financial costs and poor transport links to effective programmes, there are numerous hurdles faced by children and young people.


Working in sub-Saharan Africa and the USA, Play Soccer Nonprofit International (PSNI) supports the health, education, physical and socio-economic development of children and young people in the most underserved communities using a football-based programme. The curriculum focuses on health, and teaches good hygiene and social life skills through activity-based education.


These skills are then transfered by children and young people, who take what they learn in the programme to their daily lives, practising and sharing their new skills with families and friends.




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PLAY SOCCER Nonprofit International (PSNI)
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