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In certain regions of Ghana, youth unemployment is a major issue, worsened by the ever widening gap in income inequality. This has led to decreased food security and contributed to high levels of youth crime in these regions.


The Play for Fun, Learn for Life programme follows a 48-week curriculum, taught by youth volunteer instructors from various regions of Ghana educating young people in employable skills, health, and football.


As well as building physical fitness and well-being, young people learn values and skills like fair play, gender equality and peaceful conflict resolution.


Each session encourages children to put these new skills and knowledge into practice on the playing field and in their daily lives.


Play Soccer Ghana supports children and young adults annually through its various programmes in 11 different locations in Ghana. It also operates as a social clinic for the participants’ parents, educating them on how to best support their children.

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When I invest my time, I make a goal and a decision of something that I want to accomplish. Everybody’s ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and our own. This can be achieved by overcoming prejudice and owing our allegiance to community development.

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