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Influencing over 20,000 underserved Palestinan and Israeli children

The Peres Center for Peace

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The city of Jaffa, on the coast of Israel, is a region filled with violence and political turmoil. The Peres Center focuses on promoting peace education and providing the framework for young people to create a positive perception change among Arab and Jewish, Israeli and Palestinian boys and girls by fostering values of peace and shared-living, and changing attitudes toward the ‘other,’ while defusing stereotypes.


These peacebuilding activities bring together Israeli and Palestinian children, youth leaders, professionals, and decision-makers from all over the Middle East on a weekly basis. The activities use common interests to forge lasting partnerships among people from different backgrounds and, in doing so, serve to break down barriers, open dialogues, and form friendships. Football is an effective tool used to create prominent and long-lasting relationships. The use of sport creates everlasting bonds through working together, overcoming challenges but also celebrating triumphs.

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The Peres Center for Peace
Tamar Hay-Sagiv

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“In the past I did not even want to hear the story of the ‘other side.’ Today, through the sport project, I see that Arabs are just like us, people exactly like me. The most important thing is that my views have changed; I learned that every story has two sides. I am not scared of Arabs anymore.”

Hadar Zaguri
Israeli participant
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