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Petare, a neighbourhood in Caracas, Venezuela, is regarded as one of the largest slums in the world. Over 300,000 inhabitants live in extreme poverty, suffering from chronic hunger and malnutrition, and have little or no access to quality education and employment. As a result, many are forced into a life of crime.


Pasión Petare aims to engage at-risk young people in the community and provide them with pathways to an alternative way of life using football. Participants play in leagues set up by Pasión Petare, at their schools and attend summer camps.


In addition, the organisation also provides training programmes for adolescents, teaching them the skills to pursue new job opportunities and education, while empowering them to become leaders in their community.                                                


The organisation is proud to provide participants engaging in activities with at least one meal per day.

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Pasión Petare
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“At ‘Pasión  Petare’ were are taught about respect and not about falling into violence because the good game ends there."

Ronnys Gafaro
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