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The city of Ramalla, in the Central West Bank of Palestine, is a region stricken with constant political turmoil and violence that has persisted for years, leading to unequal opportunities and financial insecurity that disproportionately affect women and young people. Palestine: Sports for Life (PS4L) established its Football for Life programme in 2011 to empower children, young people and women in marginalised communities throughout Palestine.


From economic development skills, to health and disaster response training, PS4L has certified coaches who provide life skill lessons in addition to football training. It provides a safe space that has enabled participants to feel comfortable and empowered, allowing them to tackle serious social topics such as social inclusiveness, gender equality and maintaining healthy lifestyles.


PS4L supports beneficiaries in the region through its bi-weekly programmes in four different communities. Additionally, in cooperation with GIZ, the German international development agency, PS4L has implemented a Training-of-Trainers (TOT) programme ensuring their success as sport-for-change coaches.

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Palestine: Sports for Life (PS4L)
Tamara Awartani

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"A life turning-point was when, at 16, I took part in a vocational summer camp and a leadership sports camp that were organised by PS4L. Being part of the football and basketball sessions developed my self-confidence and my decision-making skills." 

Akram Abu Fayyeh
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