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A lack of opportunity continues to be a major obstacle for children, especially females, in certain communities in India. Family pressure to marry early and start working - at the expense of receiving an education - is common practice, leading to high dropout rates and incomes below the poverty line.



The Organisation for Social Change Awareness and Responsibility (OSCAR) Foundation seeks to combat these issues through football. With weekly training sessions, the organisation raises awareness on issues such as decision-making, hygiene, child marriage and the importance of education.



The Young Leaders’ Programme is at OSCAR’s core helping young people build their careers and enabling them to give back to their communities. The programme consists of 3 months of intensive training including workshops and follow-up sessions, where participants attain skills in football coaching and personal development.

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" I wait all week for the football practice session at OSCAR. This is the only time when I forget all my worries and just play! "

Sunita Rathod
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