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Empowering young people to act as agents of change

Organización Juvenil RECREARTE

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The Organización Juvenil RECREARTE was created in 2009 through an initiative of Young Leaders from various social organisations in Costa Rica who campaign together for human rights, social participation and gender equality. What started as a loose network developed into an independent youth organisation using football and other sports, as well as art, culture and group games as an educational tool for a fair and inclusive society.


Through its projects, Recrearte promotes the physical, motor and emotional development of boys, girls and young people, and encourages them to actively use their rights in society and to shape these rights. Youth leadership is a core component of the organisation’s culture and is promoted at all project stages. Their football programmes, which are based on football3, are carried out in collaboration with local organisations and with the help of self-taught Community Leaders. The aim of this cooperation is to actively involve the local communities and to ensure that their activities are sustainable.

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Organización Juvenil RECREARTE
Fernando Chamorro Gómez

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"Cuando el fútbol logra trascender los limites de la cancha, ya no es solo un deporte, si no tambien una herramienta para la transformación social de personas y comunidades"

De Fernando Chamorro Gómez
Director Recrearte
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