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Host of the Fair Play World Championship 2015

Oltalom Sport Association

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Young people in Hungary face a number of challenges growing up with high rates of youth unemployment and limited access to higher education, which often result in drug and substance abuse.


Operating in the spirit of fair play, tolerance and social inclusion, Oltalom Sport Association has been using sport as an innovative educational tool for more than 10 years, providing the opportunity for hundreds of people yearly to flourish both mentally and physically in their free training sessions.


The organisation uses sport to involve participants in other areas such as social work, job training, further education and learning English. Oltalom believes that regular physical exercise and teamplay not only improves health and reduces tendencies leading toward drug abuse, it strengthens the sense of community and belonging.

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Oltalom Sport Association
András Rákos

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“When the body moves, the soul moves with it.”

Dr. Gábor Iványi
Founder of the Association
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