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Host of the Fair Play World Championship 2015

Oltalom Sport Association

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Oltalom Sport Assocation was founded as a cooperation of individuals and civil organizations in 2005. Its goal is to use sport as a tool to give self esteem and promote a healthy lifestyle to the less privilidged people with disadvantageous backgrounds. Since 2006 we regulary participate on international tournaments and spread the message to our players: You are special!


Our mission: Using the power of football to motivate young people to study and have a goal in their life and using the love of football to bring together a wide range of different social groups. OSA believes that sport is capable of promoting a healthy lifestyle and it is a tool to give these people the proper self-esteem. Fair play in sports can help to fight racism and increase social tolerance.


We have a vision that playing football makes our clients  able to work in a team and experience the power of being a team member. Using all social skills learned at the trainings, they can be self providing and useful members of the society and have a more successful and worthy life. Having participated on an International Tournament makes them believe that hard work always pays off, and dreams can come true. Our work  has a great effect on changing the whole society by reducing racism and increasing tolerance.

Social Topics

Peace Building
Social Integration
Youth leadership


Oltalom Sport Association
András Rákos

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“When the body moves, the soul moves with it.”

Dr. Gábor Iványi
Founder of the Association
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