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In the town of Mrągowo more than 500 families are at risk of social and economic exclusion. Young people in this area have a high rate of long-term unemployment and high rates of drug addiction.


Founded in 2009, MSIS set out to help young people better themselves and reach their potential through the power of football. The organisation has a team of professionals who provide a place for young people in the community to play football and work together.  MSIS create opportunities for young people to gain vital job skills that open up opportunities for them. They also run sessions with mixed-gender teams to champion gender equality as well as engage more girls in football.


In addition to this programme MSIS has created the Futbol Zmienia Project, a safe space where football is used for social change. This space was created to help young people who are struggling with problems like addiction, crime, violence, disabilities, and homelessness.


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"Being fair on the pitch and in life is the basis of everything. It teaches you to be a god, beautiful and honest person every day and in every life situation. Our participants learn such life values through the football3 methodology." 

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