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Beyond Sport Team of the Year winner 2010

Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises

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Cultural, religious, and political differences have been long-standing issues in Israel and the surrounding regions for decades. In many areas, these differences have led to extreme violence and prejudice.


Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises seeks to use the potential and power of football in order to build more active, compassionate and cohesive communities and support the sustainable development of a more open, just and engaged society.


Mifalot programmes use football to teach life skills to children with special needs, promote the integration and inclusion of newly arrived immigrants, create bonds of friendship between Israelis and Palestinians, and provide assistance to children living in at-risk, disadvantaged or isolated communities.

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Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises
Lior Davidi

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“I have seen Mifalot’s impact in reducing the destructive behavior of youth at risk. For children that come from harsh backgrounds of poverty, orphanages, abuse and worse, Mifalot’s activities have truly helped them to structure their lives, develop life skills, shed violent behavior, and increase motivation to study and excel.

Avishai Regev
Mifalot Coordinator
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