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In India, only 30% of adolescents have a secondary school education and about 40% of girls drop out of school by year 8 (age 14). 30% of these girls are married before the age of 18, and a mere 18.7% of young people in India have salaried jobs.


Magic Bus ensures that children in India do not miss out on their childhoods and take the journey towards better and dignified livelihoods as adults. The organisation combines mentoring with an activity-based curriculum that includes football, cricket and kabaddi. The programmes are designed to provide employment and training needs to young people.


In addition, Magic Bus’ Adolescent Education Programme enables young people to complete their formal education. Magic Bus provides this support through constant involvement from programme members and, most importantly, by mobilising parents in School Management Committees (SMCs).


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Magic Bus
Matthew Spacie

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“Sport is a powerful tool because it acts as a magnet attracting children and youth and keeping them engaged in the programme. Through sport and activity-based learning, children develop confidence, as well as team work, leadership and other core skills and habits that equip them to move out of poverty.”

Matthew Spacie
Founder and Executive Chairman
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