Key achievement

KICKFAIR's educational concept becoming an official school subject


Network Member

Our vision

All young people have equal opportunities to develop their personal and professional potential


Our mission

To support young people in developing the skills and capacities they need to create a positive life plan by using the KICKFAIR educational approach. 



What we do on a national base

Teach personal skills, Strengthen individual capacities, Promote personal development, Create long-term perspectives, Develop further community engagement. KICKFAIR has developed a holistic and comprehensive educational programme to give young people who lack opportunities and are at risk of social exclusion the chance to become active (co)-creators of their personal and professional futures. 



What we do on an international base

Convey global values and skills, Promote transnational learning, Facilitate cooperation and mutual learning: The experience of diversity as a strength. KICKFAIR works with recognised international partner organisations to give participating young people the opportunity to network internationally and to exchange and learn from one another

Social Topics


Steffi Biester

Latest From KICKFAIR

“Football has given me confidence and courage to overcome the struggles I’ve had in my life. Without football, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Anitha Srambickal
streetfootballworld programme participant
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