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KICKFAIR's educational concept becoming an official school subject


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KICKFAIR is a not-for-profit organisation with projects in the fields of education, learning and intercultural understanding. Its approach is needs-oriented – alongside addressing the current societal challenges that affect children and young people who are educationally and socially disadvantaged in Germany. KICKFAIR offers a framework where they discover their potential and learn how to unfold it in order to build positive prospects for their future lives.


To achieve this, KICKFAIR has developed a holistic learning concept based on street football. Through this concept, young people actively participate in various roles and tasks, take on responsibility, negotiate common rules and values, resolve conflicts and develop strengths from their various talents. Participants are guided in the process of taking on leadership roles for social cohesion through togetherness, diversity, pluralism and inclusion.


KICKFAIR currently implements 40 programmes across Germany and is part of an international learning collaboration (‘Football-Learning-Global’) with ten like-minded organisations across the world. With these organisations, KICKFAIR works long-term and on an eye-level basis on joint solutions for societal challenges that are effective – locally AND globally.

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Steffi Biester

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“Football has given me confidence and courage to overcome the struggles I’ve had in my life. Without football, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Anitha Srambickal
streetfootballworld programme participant
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