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“Kicken ohne Grenzen” (“Football without Borders”) is an open football project for young people from disadvantaged communities. It allows young people to take part in regular, free training without any performance-related admission criteria, and later provides educational opportunities that make it easier to enter the school system or working life.


“Kicken ohne Grenzen” is currently supervising four teams, a total of 120 children, youths and young adults, in open football training sessions and friendly matches.

Young people who have come to “Kicken ohne Grenzen” by playing football can benefit from the additional educational offer, such as job taster days as part of the “Job Goals” project, the prevocational skill academy #BeASkillCoach, and regular chess training to consolidate various soft skills.


An additional focus is on the empowerment of young female refugees. The joint sporting events boost the young women’s self-confidence and in doing so minimise the risk of experiencing gender-specific violence.


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Kicken ohne Grenzen
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"When I play football it is like my mind empties and I forget all my problems. I feel light, free."


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