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Kick4Life F.C.

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With 25% of the total population infected, Lesotho has the second highest HIV prevalence rate in the world for people living with HIV. Those affected suffer stigmatisation and are often shunned by family and friends.


Founded in 2005, Kick4Life F.C. is a unique football club operating as both a charity and a social enterprise. Its mission is to change the lives and long-term prospects of vulnerable young people in Lesotho through a wide range of social development activities focused on health, education and support towards sustainable livelihoods.


These activities include health education about HIV prevention, voluntary HIV testing, life-skills development, mentoring, support towards education & employment, alongside teaching inclusion and self-confidence - all through football.

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Kick4Life F.C.
Steve Fleming

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“As a boy living on the streets, Kick4Life has welcomed me into the family. The support and encouragement I have received in the literacy and HIV sessions is amazing. Thank you Kick4Life for accepting me for who I am.”

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