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Karachi United (KU) is an organisation that aims to leverage the power of sport to create tangible community uplift and simultaneously raise the bar of Pakistan’s nascent football industry.

KU was established in 1996 to promote football at the grassroots level and achieve football excellence in Pakistan. Since the early days of only aspiring to be Pakistan’s premier football entity, the organisation has evolved to usher in a new era of community development through football, and for football itself. Today, Karachi United operates with a clear mandate – to work on the elements that bring communities together on a common platform, with football as the fulcrum. These include building awareness, tolerence, advocating for health and wellness, and creating better citizens.



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Peace Building
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Karachi United
Talib Hussein

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We seek to foster interacton between all segments of society and have seen how kids who would otherwise not interact have seemlessly integrated on the pitch. 

Imran Ali
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