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Ensuring children with disabilities have the opportunity to play sports

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Children in underserved areas in the Netherlands have limited opportunities to be active because of a disability, financial means or a lack of space. This leads to health problems such as childhood obesity, and also limits children’s development and confidence.


Since 1997, the Johan Cruyff Foundation has been developing Cruyff Courts, mini-pitches in the community, and Special Cruyff Courts built at schools and institutions for children with Special Needs. The organisation provides safe local places for children and young people to play, no matter their background. The “Schoolyard14” project even gives pupils the opportunity to design their own schoolyard play areas.


During the summer, Johan Cruyff Foundation staff visit refugee centres with portable Cruyff Courts and provide a week of activities for the children, in partnership with local organisations. They train young people to become coaches through their “Heroes of the Cruyff Courts” programme. These young leaders then organise sports events for children in the community, giving them an opportunity to discover and develop their talents and become change-makers themselves.

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