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Ensuring children with disabilities have the opportunity to play sports

Johan Cruyff Foundation

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Children and young people are active on a weekly basis in projects supported by the Johan Cruyff Foundation. With a special emphasis on areas such as health, personal values, integration, respect and cooperation, the Cruyff Foundation aims to increase the welfare of children and young people by offering them the opportunity to participate in sporting activities.


The Johan Cruyff Foundation has built Cruyff Courts - playgrounds that provide safe local places for children and young people to play - in communities all over the world. Particular attention is given to children from impoverished backgrounds and to those with physical disabilities, with the ultimate aim being to encourage them to play an active role in their neighbourhood and to invest in their personal development.


The Johan Cruyff Foundation hopes to strengthen its existing projects in different countries building on the knowledge and the experience of streetfootballworld network members. The foundation would also like to use its influence on decision makers to promote streetfootballworld and to support the network’s goals. 

Social Topics

Peace Building
Social Integration
Youth leadership


Johan Cruyff Foundation
Ilja van Holsteijn

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