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In certain neighbourhoods in Johannesburg, South Africa, the lack of safe spaces for children after school leaves them susceptible to teen violence, drug abuse, and bullying. Additionally, in these areas, children’s reading scores are on average much lower.


The Goal focuses on using football to provide safe spaces and educational programmes that promote character development, encourage literacy, and healthy lifestyles through the game of football.


The Goals’ programming includes the INFINITY Reading Program, an after-school programme focusing on improving reading skills and vocabulary, and the PITCH Program, which organises games of football for various age groups.


The Goal also hosts annual events to promote reading and mentorship, such as a Readathon and Book Drive, Spelling Bees, and Holiday Programmes.

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"Football provides us with a platform to bring attention to the most neglected in our communities and world. Another world is possible and that is why The Goal is committed to contributing to the movement of football for good and like-minded organisations who are working for positive change one community at a time."

Hubert Tiger
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