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In Burundi, high levels of poverty and school dropout rates force many children to live on the streets at an early age exposing them to violence, criminal activities and drugs.


Giriyuja was set up in 2006 to support the country’s street children, basing its activities around the pillars of protection, education, and advocacy. Giriyuja uses football to engage its beneficiaries teaching them invaluable life skills to open up doors for them and help reintegrate them into society.


Through the Kabodo Football for Hope Centre, Giriyuja has created a safe space for young people to play and be part of a healthy and positive community. Here, they can enjoy playing the game and have the opportunity to receive health consultations, psychosocial support and literacy classes.

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Aimable Barandagiye

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“The football that is practiced at the Kabondo Football for Hope Centre, managed by Giriyuja, is socialisation football for street children, that allows for the physical and psychological development of the children, and the integration of street children into the community.”

Aimable Barandagiye
National Coordinator of Giriyuja
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