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Future Stars Academy (FSA) is a non-profit organisation focusing on children, young people and football with the aim to empower them and enhance their physical and mental health. The organisation is running programmes in the cities of Arusha and Moshi, Tanzania.


FSA provides football training to disadvantaged children between the ages of 6 and 20, giving them the opportunity to enjoy football, play and develop mentally and physically.


FSA actively engages with local communities and supports community development through various types of sports activities. Through the Future Talent Programme, FSA enables children and young people to access education and employment through partnerships such as ‘Jobortunity’ training, local government and through the organisation’s own Junior Coaches Training Programme. The academy has one rule: No school – No Play.


Football is an avenue for the children and adolescents to live a healthy lifestyle, to play, to have fun, while encouraging them to stay in school and to become model citizens.

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Future Stars Academy
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“At FSA our aim is to build the next generation of children that see the value of being strong through sports and education.”

Suzan Charles Malisa
Administrator of Future Stars Academy
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