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Future Stars Academy

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Future Stars Academy (FSA) is a “Goal Oriented” football training and youth empowerment programme for vulnerable youth in the Arusha district of Tanzania.


The organisation works to empower youth through three core activities: training, education, and competition. FSA uses football as a tool to inspire and motivate youth out of poverty to become engaged, model citizens.


Through football youth can learn many virtues and lessons to become ambassadors in their community. The mission of FSA is to provide quality football training at a high level for both boys and girls. FSA gives youth a chance to play and hone their skills whilst learning about attributes of becoming an engaged citizen and role model: life values, teamwork, positive attitudes, healthy lifestyles, and dedication.

Social Topics

Peace Building
Social Integration
Youth leadership


Future Stars Academy
Alfred Itaeli

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“At FSA our aim is to build the next generation of children that see the value of being strong through sports and education.”

Suzan Charles Malisa
Administrator of Future Stars Academy
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