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FCC is a non-profit organisation that uses the pedagogical possibilities of football to help vulnerable communities overcome problems related to poverty and exclusion. It operates values-based after school football programmes for boys, girls and adolescents. FCC helps prevent prostitution, early pregnancies, drugs, alcohol, gangs and other pressing social issues. It envisions a world of empowered young leaders making appropriate life decisions that can uplift their communities, generating a sustainable social transformation.


The organisation's goal is to develop values and life skills using the power of football in children and youth, while promoting a culture of peace and non-violence, as well as the construction of a life project. This allows its young participants to escape the negative influence of their surroundings, while decreasing their vulnerable status. 


FCC has developed a constructivist learning model that uses a football-based curriculum to guide participants in the creation of their own knowledge. Children and young people play a leading role in this model, since they are the root of the scaling up approach. Nevertheless, the engagement of other community members is what enables a sustainable impact. 


The organisation has developed a growth strategy with three approaches: direct operation, franchising and consulting. These approaches have created FCC’s business units, which are responsible of expanding its impact through a sustainable strategy. 





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Fútbol con Corazón
Susana Calero

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“Football is definitely the best school for life! Through this sport, FCC has helped me become a confident person, and has left an unforgettable legacy in my mind and heart. FCC helped me develop the tools I need to succeed as a professional and as an individual. Through the FCC leaders program (Lidercor) I also developed the skills to pass on the learnings and inspire others.”

Estefany Arboleda
Leader of the Urban Goals project
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