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Every year, around five devastating typhoons hit the Philippines creating mass destruction and widespread displacement. FundLife International was founded in 2014 and seeks to deliver experiential education to children and young people from severely marginalised and displaced communities.


The Football for Life Academy (FFLA), FundLife’s flagship programme, was first launched in 2014 in the Philippines after the super typhoon Haiyan struck forcing over one million children to leave their homes and claiming 7,000 casualties across the country. Initially a play therapy intervention, it has evolved into a community- based holistic educational programme which uses football as a medium to encourage children and young people to identify and pursue their dreams, as well as giving them the tools to break the cycle of poverty and dependence.


FundLife has created 5 safe spaces for displaced children to play, while the FFLA project employs community youth champions who reach children across 10 marginalised communities every week. FundLife also started a new project for the promotion of gender equality, titled ‘Girls Community League’, creating and overseeing girls leagues across the Philippines.

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“On the field, barriers like race, language, gender, religion and wealth are turned into bridges that unite us through football. We are measured by our perseverance, hard work, passion and teamwork.”

John Paul Masubay
F4L Coach
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