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Organising the " Youth Leadership 2014 " workshop for Latin-America


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Young people in Ecuador between the ages of 15 and 29 account for around one quarter of the population. This age group is marked by high levels of underemployment and unemployment.


Founded in 2008, La Fundaci√≥n de las Am√©ricas para el Desarrollo (FUDELA) is part of the A GANAR programme in Ecuador. A GANAR offers comprehensive training and technical skills development that improves young people’s chances of finding work and earning a living. The programme is aimed at helping vulnerable young people with no access to higher education or employment and thus preventing situations such as unemployment, violence, drug use and teenage pregnancy.


A GANAR is made up of four main steps: acquiring sports and job-related skills, technical and occupational training, internships, and follow-up and monitoring. It also uses football as a tool for training and motivation, as well as promoting the development of positive values such as teamwork, discipline and effective communication.

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Veronica Escobar

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"FUDELA es el hogar en el cual he forjado una familia y cultivado mis capacidades, tengo nuevas metas en la vida y sobre todo entiendo que para superarme no hay excusas."

Carlos Tufi√Īo
Youth Leader FUDELA
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