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Fotbal Pro Rozvoj is a non-formal educational programme organised by the INEX-Association for voluntary activities. Since 2006, the programme has been using the fundamental features of football to inspire young people in becoming role models in society by teaching them fair-play, respect, open-minded thinking, tolerance, responsible behaviour and solidarity. Together with local youth organisations and other non-formal educational institution, Fotbal pro Rozvoj develops football for good programmes as a good practise for social work in favour of children and young people at risk of social discrimination in the Czech Republic. Fotbal Pro Rozvoj notably uses the football3 methodology in its year-long fair-play football leagues. It also seeks inspiration from all over the world and organises a youth leadership campaign every summer that brings together Czechs and international youth leaders for one month for a celebration of football for good activities. The organisation is driven by its desire to develop the life skills of youth through football and connect groups of people from different social and cultural backgrounds. Age, gender and skin colour do not matter. It's all about kicking the ball for a better world.


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Peace Building
Social Integration
Youth leadership


Fotbal Pro Rozvoj
Ansley Hofmann

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"It's all about Fair Play."

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