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One of the biggest challenges for immigrant families in Australia is integrating into a new culture and community. In New South Wales, one third of the refugee population are young people. Football United uses the power of sport to help integrate young refugees and families from diverse backgrounds into society in Australia. The organisation creates safe spaces that are free and accessible for young people to collaborate with others and develop a better understanding of their new community.


In Myanmar, Football United uses football to promote positive youth development, peace building and racial harmony among disadvantaged communities in Yangon and Mawlamyine. Myanmar is still rife with racial tension after hundreds of years of armed conflict between ethnic groups. Peace building is facilitated by empowering young people to become socially conscious coaches, role models and leaders in their communities.


By instilling cultural appreciation among young people, Football United hopes to reduce prejudice in Myanmar and attain long-standing peace.

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Football United
Anne Bunde-Birouste

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“They explained to us how to find out your way in life. To know more about your skills and what you can do, so they gave us more confidence…and they give you a good opportunity for you to be a good leader in the community and you can change something

Ahmed, Yom, Melvin, Teresa
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