Bosnia And Herzegovina, Serbien und Montenegro

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Hosted the European Street Football Festival "Belgrade 2011"

Football Friends

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The tumult and violence of the nineties crippled all aspects of society in the republics of former Yugoslavia, and the region’s young people continue to be affected by their countries’ recent past. In 2005, Football Friends was created to help this younger generation transform their lives and to help heal the fragmented societies in which they are growing up.

In cooperation with organisations such as the British Council and various municipalities, Football Friends facilitates educational initiatives in conjunction with non-formal educational institutions to enhance youth development. The organisation currently runs football programmes across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mentenegro and Serbia which have served participants since 2005.

Social Topics

Peace Building
Social Integration
Youth leadership


Football Friends
Zoran Avramovic

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"There are, surely, victories and defeats… But there is also companionship, and love, and friendship..."

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