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Hosted the European Street Football Festival "Belgrade 2011"

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The political upheaval and violence of the nineties crippled all aspects of society in the republics of former Yugoslavia, leaving the region’s young people continually affected by their countries’ recent past.


Football Friends was established in 2005 aiming to help socially deprived children from this generation to transform their lives and heal the fragmented society. In cooperation with organisations such as the British Council and various municipalities, Football Friends provides educational initiatives to improve youth development.


The Street Football League by Football Friends in the city of Foca, Bosnia and Herzegovina, allows children to change their mindsets, as they have the chance to meet and interact with other children of different origins in a safe setting. The children also engage in workshops focusing on a range of issues such as crime, drug addiction, hooliganism, fair play and cultural learning.

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Football Friends
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"There are, surely, victories and defeats… But there is also companionship, and love, and friendship..."

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