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In the Gansbaai region of South Africa, there are limited education and development opportunities available, creating barriers of entry into the workforce and contributing to high unemployment rates.


Founded in 2003 as the charity initiative of the ‘Grootbos Private Nature Reserve’, The Football Foundation aims to cultivate the potential of sport to trigger positive social change in marginalised communities, to ultimately build strong communities of healthy, empowered and proud young leaders in sport and life. The Football Foundation, part of the Grootbos Foundation, provides accredited skills training and promotes health, education, and social integration through football.


The programme engages over 2000 young people each week through its flagship training sessions and educative programming in three regions: Gansbaai, Stanford, and Hermanus.


The projects provide several football for good programmes which promote health and environmental life skills training; providing further educational pathways to its other projects, ‘Green Futures‘ and ‘Siyakhula‘.

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Football Foundation
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"I am so grateful for the effort of the coaches and volunteers who always welcome my brothers and me with love, support and respect. I am deeply appreciative of all that the Football Foundation does for my family."


Siyamkele Ngumla
14-year-old participant
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