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The 17-year Liberian Civil War has left its mark on the region with high poverty and unemployment rates, which disproportionately affect women and young people. In addition to these problems, there is considerable domestic instability with large numbers of displaced families and young children.


Football to Develop Destitute (FODEDE) seeks to address the plight of underprivileged young people in Liberia. The organisation uses football as a tool to develop and change lives in a healthy and positive way that creates strong young leaders who are free from violence, healthy and economically independent. The programme hopes to create a wider impact by sending out these young leaders to engage with their own communities.


FODEDE has embarked on creating a network of street football organisations that are all aligned around three crucial objectives: promoting and increasing the use of football as a tool for social development, influencing national and world leaders to approach development through football in order to promote peace, and coordinating and running annual street football leagues across Liberia.

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Wallace Weiah
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