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FODEDE works to strengthen football-based social and developmental initiatives that transform the lives of disadvantaged men and women. The organisation's aim is to increase the number of opportunities available to them, and to promote an environment of social change through football. FODEDE also seeks support for innovative and sustainable sports education and entrepreneur programmes worldwide as a strategy for social change, where underprivileged youth, especially women and girls, are empowered, healthy and free from violence. In addition, the organisation promotes awareness of street football through partnership and workshops, and is at the vanguard of harnessing the talent of underprivileged people. Football is used as a catalyst in restoring hope and uniting people affected by societal challenges such as marginalisation, poverty and the period of civil crisis in Liberia. Its motto is “Searching for a Better Future.” 

Social Topics

Peace Building
Social Integration
Youth leadership


Wallace Weiah
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