Cape Verde

Key achievement

Constructing the Delta Cultura Educational Centre in 2004

Delta Cultura

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According to estimates, around 26% of the population in Cape Verde live below the poverty line. High unemployment and emigration rates result in many young people growing up demoralised by their surroundings.


Founded in 2002, Delta Cultura aims to end poverty through education, empowering young people to direct their own lives and help them realise a brighter future in Cape Verde.


The organisation develops educational programmes that recognise and promote learning, and provide young people with the capacity to tackle challenges and make their own decisions.


A strong believer in the power of football to serve as the gateway to social change and education, Delta Cultura organises games with football which tackle social issues such as fair play, gender equality, non-violent conflict resolution, HIV/AIDS education and teamwork.

Social Topics


Delta Cultura
Florian Wegenstein

Latest From Delta Cultura

“As a Delta Cultura’s former participant, being an educator today and being considered by many as a role model, made me realize that I was once what these kids are today and I am now what they can become one day.”

Gilson da Costa
Programme Coordinator & Educator
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