Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Croatia, Georgia, Denmark, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Ukraine, Serbien und Montenegro, Montenegro, Moldova, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of, Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon

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Improving the lives of children in post conflict countries

Cross Cultures Project Association

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The effects of war and ethnic conflicts are often still visible for many years after the violence has ended - affecting communities and preventing them from returning to a normal life. Major challenges remain today to bring stability back to post-conflict communities with mistrust, fear, hatred and the violence of the former frontlines still lingering in people’s minds.


Cross Cultures Project Association (CCPA) was formed in 1999 with the belief that dialogue and collaboration are the best learning tools for bridging communities affected by war and conflict.


CCPA has used dialogue and collaboration to develop, participate in, and implement cross cultural projects to promote reconciliation and integration of people in conflict-stricken countries.


CCPA specialises in using community sports and the Open Fun Football School programme as a tool to rally children and adults living in divided communities around one common interest - football.


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Cross Cultures Project Association
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