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Serving over 13,000 youngsters in Zambia since 1998

Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy

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Providing for the large numbers of refugees that have entered Zambia is a challenge, adding to other issues the country faces such as low school attendance, high HIV/Aids rates and poor sanitary practices.


Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy (CBSA) sees education as a major part of young people’s holistic development. CBSA’s work across Zambia is dedicated to promoting values such as resilience and leadership by getting young people to take part in football activities.


Health and health education form a significant part of the organisation’s work, which features the Water and Sanitation Health and Hygiene (WASH) football leagues and large-scale HIV/AIDS testing units.


The Zambia Street Football Network (ZSFN) was created in 2006 by CBSA to develop a network for collaboration, shared-knowledge and development of best-practices.

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Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy
Kelvin Mengo

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"When I work with my team in the communities, I embrace the power of “Ubuntu”, a philosophy which easily demonstrates the power we collectively have to make a meaningful change to the less privileged – our only rewards are smiles."

Edgar Milukutu Musonda
Founder / CEO
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